We foster a great work environment and are growing a team of professionals who are experts in the mobile space.

Work With Us:

Two Toasters maintains a fast paced environment with a team that solves diverse clients’ needs every day. Our team’s blend of talents and experiences means we are constantly learning and evolving as a company. Perks of Working at Two Toasters:

  • 100% coverage for Full-Time Employees (Medical, Dental, Vision)
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • 19 Personal Time Off days in addition to 10 company holidays
  • Daily team lunches
  • Ping Pong
  • Lunch-N-Learns and Design & Software peer-led discussions
  • Conference/Education stipend
  • Fun company outings

Mobile Designer - Durham, NC

Two Toasters is looking for a Mobile Application Designer to join our team. We are a rapidly growing company and take pride in delivering top quality apps that exceed the highest design and development standards.  At Two Toasters, you will be working with cutting edge technology to design functional and beautiful iOS and Android applications with a team that enjoys working on interesting projects and playing copious amounts of ping pong. Our designers have idea ownership and control over design decisions as they are a major part of the product development process.

Job Responsibilities
  • Work full-time in a highly collaborative and open work environment
  • Design great user experience by working along side with developers as they take your vision, and specific interaction design details to build world-class custom apps
  • Responsible for creating innovative and out of the box top notch designs
  • Can turn requirements into clean, engaging and inspiring experience
  • Design end-to-end experiences through developing specs, prototypes, and mockups
  • Collaborate with project manager and clients on functional requirements
  • Manage multiple projects concurrently
Candidate Qualities
  • Open to learning and seeking greater understanding of functional design
  • Driven with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Resourceful and innovative
  • Passionate and motivated
  • Forward thinking and committed
Job Requirements
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Working understanding of cross-application workflow in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Good grasp of the iOS and Android ecosystems
  • Passionate about UX and designing/building great products
  • Have a knack for seeing the broken parts of an app and the ability to offer good solutions to fix them
  • Have the demonstrated ability to design user experiences that team members can readily turn into products
  • Have the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Have an understanding of product design, user engagement, and branding
  • Thorough understanding of user-centered design
  • Client work experience is a plus
  • Location: Durham, NC

Junior Android Developer - Durham, NC

Two Toasters is looking for Android Developers of varying skill levels to join our team in Durham, NC. We are a rapidly growing company, and take pride in delivering top quality applications that conform to the highest development standards. At Two Toasters, you will be working with cutting edge technology to build state of the art Android applications with a team that enjoys working hard and playing ping pong.

Job Responsibilities
  • Transform ideas, high-level business requirements, strategies, market trends, development standards and best practices into innovative mobile solutions for Android devices
  • Collaborate with project manager and clients on all requirements
  • Communicate with various project stakeholders to clarify requirements, communicate testing plans, completion dates, and expected outcomes
Candidate Qualities
  • Hardworking and energetic
  • Passionate and motivated
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Forward thinking
  • Problem solver
  • Favorite color is #33b5e5
Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Java or Android experience
  • Is an Android user
Preferred Qualifications
  • Has published at least one app to the Google Play store
  • Strong understanding of the activity and fragment lifecycles
  • Familiar with the Android ecosystem and common UX & UI design patterns
  • Has written Android instrumentation or unit tests
  • Knows the proper plural form of the word Nexus

iOS Developer - Durham, NC

Two Toasters is looking for iOS developers of multiple skill levels to join our team in Durham, NC. As part of our team you’ll be writing, polishing, and shipping high-quality iOS applications. We work hard at creating great iOS apps, are constantly growing our own knowledge, and play a good amount of ping pong.

As a developer on our team you will work in a highly collaborative environment where you will transform great designs into apps, work closely with clients, and create well-crafted software.

More About You
  • You have contributed substantial amounts of original Objective-C code to an iOS or Mac project.
  • You have a strong understanding of Cocoa design patterns and API design.
  • You write iOS apps because it’s what you love to do.
  • You take care to write code in a consistent and thoughtful style.
  • You understand memory management even if you use ARC.
  • You are experienced in debugging iOS apps and are familiar with Instruments.
  • You are comfortable communicating problems or ideas with other team members and have a sense of humor.
  • You regularly spend time learning about new APIs and technologies.
  • It bugs you a little when you see Xcode incorrectly capitalized as XCode or xCode.

Business Development Intern - New York, NY

This should be an awesome, fun, informative, intense startup internship that will allow you to learn a lot, get to know New York’s startup scene, and get a lot of hands on experience. We’re small enough that the work you’ll do will have a real impact. 

What’s in it for you?

  • See the business development process end-to-end: from the initial emails that come in until a deal is signed
  • Get a great NY tech network
  • Help close deals
  • Experiment with marketing initiatives
  • Learn how the legal process works for closing a deal
  • Learn how to pitch
  • Learn our design and development process best practices (which can then be used on product development for any startup you work on)
  • Get a very strong understanding of what startups and brands are doing in the mobile space (likely only matched by VCs)

Application Instructions

  • Attach a paragraph-long writing sample explaining why you are passionate about mobile
Job Responsibilities
  • Attending initial and final pitch meetings with potential clients along with the head of biz dev and the CEO
  • Researching prospects ahead of time
  • Finding relevant prospects for us to reach out to
  • Helping prepare proposals / coming up with creative ideas that will help close deals
  • Attending meetups and events to help get our name out/networking
  • Organizing an event. We’ll help you organize an event that we brainstorm together
  • Helping to keep us organized by taking notes
  • This last bullet point is open for things you come up with. We’re open minded
Minimum Qualifications
  • A good sense of humor
  • A great GPA or a really good excuse if it’s not awesome
  • You can demonstrate you love the apps. If you don’t love apps (mobile i.e. iPhone/Android apps of your choice), this’ll be less fun for all of us
  • Some kind of history/relationship with technology beyond your ability to Google