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Open Source Projects

We have an extensive commit history to Github including our own in-house projects and various third-party libraries. Here is a list of some of our favorite open-source projects we’ve developed:





  • SectionCursorAdapter, which adds sections and fast scroll to CursorAdapter as an easily implementable feature
  • multi-column list adapter, a cursor adapter that enables you to make a ListView that looks like a GridView
  • chron, a Tron-inspired digital watch face for Android Wear
  • Wear-MessageApiDemo, a sample Android project to demo the Wear MessageApi



  • Toast toolkit, a repository for small utilities we use in Cocoa development, available as small subspecs for à la carte use
  • URLMock, an Objective-C framework for mocking and stubbing URL requests and responses
  • TWTValidation, a Cocoa framework for declaratively validating data
  • Task.framework, a simple Cocoa framework for expressing and executing your application’s workflows