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The creation of Airbnb for Android means that hosts and guests can now correspond, upload or browse property photos, and check out detailed profiles from anywhere. Additional features allow users to browse curated collections for inspiration, or check reservations on the go. Taking a page from the iOS version, the Android application was developed and designed with attention to detail and emphasis on a seamless user experience, but with a tailored design and new underlying code from the ground up.


What did we do?

Airbnb for Android was inspired by the functionality of the iOS version, but with a focus on naturally feeling at home on the Android platform. Airbnb is a complex application which required careful and intuitive development. We needed to create a mobile tool with the ability to allow users to search properties, manage reservations, and book from within the application. Keeping the user experience in mind we were conscientious about the performance and loaded data incrementally to create a seamless experience for Airbnb’s Android users.