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Birchbox turns e-commerce on its head by offering a platform for discovering new products. Their subscription service includes personalized samples of popular beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products. The iPhone app allows you to track your boxes and order full-size versions of samples. Even without a subscription you can discover new products, save favorites, and get style tips from the Birchbox team.

What did we do?

Recreating the delight of opening a Birchbox each month, coupled with Birchbox’s mission to make unique and popular items more discoverable are core goals of the Birchbox app. We designed 3D models of the shipping boxes with a custom animation. Inside, users find a list of the samples they received that month. We also made the Discover feed the centerpiece of the app with personalized product recommendations and tips. Lastly, we designed the shopping cart to be available throughout the app simply by swiping left.