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Cash back in the palm of your hand.


Ebates is a pioneer and leader of online cash-back shopping. Accessing store websites from the app guarantees you’ll get cash back from those stores offering the perk. Using the app, shoppers can browse or search for deals from over 1,600 stores, check their cash back total, and discover coupons and promo codes. Additionally, shoppers can scan items in-store to find any cash back or coupon opportunities.

What did we do?


A core goal of the Ebates app is making it easy to find deals and cash back from partner companies from within the app or on the store website. This requires maintaining an up-to-date list of participating stores. Because Ebates is constantly adding new stores, we put a lot of effort into building a system that can continuously access the API to catch any changes and merge them into the database. Lastly, to better facilitate the saving process we included a Deal Board that displays on each partner site making it easy to swipe through available deals or auto-fill promo codes.



For the Android version of Ebates, we kept a lot of the same feel and functionality as in the iOS app, but stuck closely to the Android design guidelines. In the process of making the Android version we ended up creating MultiColumnListAdapter, a library that implements a grid of items using the ListView Android widget. This equates to a scrollable header and footer.  We also created SectionCursorAdapter, a library that pulls information directly from the database to allow for fast scroll with a section header. For more information about the Ebates Android app check out our blog post.

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