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  • The How and Why of Two Toasters’ Discovery Process

    By Toaster Post | February 5, 2015 | The App Process

    At the foundation of Two Toasters’ app-building is our Discovery process. How can a deeper dive into our client’s history and business landscape be reconciled with the high-speed timeline of app development sprints? Follow us through Two Toasters’ Discovery process with our (imaginary) partner Sliced Bread Inc., to see the specific importance of each step, […]

  • Designing a Watch Face for Android Wear

    By Adit Shukla | December 10, 2014 | Mobile News

    Today, Google released the official Android Wear Watch Face API. Two Toasters was lucky enough to get early access and had the opportunity to partner with Specialized, a brand well known to cyclists everywhere, to design a watch face uniquely suited to cyclists. Being an avid cyclist myself and having owned some Specialized bikes in […]

  • Transformers: Turning Users into Purchasers

    By Toaster Post | December 5, 2014 | Thought Pieces

    Transforming a mobile user into a mobile purchaser is an issue every retailer faces. The challenge is to overcome the perilous drop-off that occurs when a user is shopping on a mobile device but opts to complete the purchase elsewhere, often resulting in a lost transaction. How do we encourage users to see mobile apps […]

  • Reimagining an iOS App for Android

    By Toaster Post | February 25, 2014 | Ideas

    We’ve had quite a few successes porting an already existing iOS app to the Android platform here at Two Toasters. Adit Shukla, our Director of Creative Services, felt it was his turn to give back to the design community and put together this great piece on just that! Check out the excerpt below and be […]

  • Little App Neighborhoods

    By Toaster Post | September 25, 2013 | Ideas

    Mobile operating systems today are like urban sprawl. Both iOS and Android unlock into an aerial view of a little app neighborhood. Apps are separated and organized into their own individual spaces, and each app is launched as if entering a home. Inside, you’ll find a contained place perfectly content in its singular role. A […]

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