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The Internet's visual storytelling community.


Imgur is an online visual storytelling community that features some of the most widely shared images posted on the Internet today. In an effort to better serve their expansive audience, Imgur wanted to include new platforms upon which they provide media, leading to the creation of a native mobile iOS app. In the new Imgur mobile app, users can view user-posted galleries of images, memes and animated gifs, and comment, vote, and share them with their friends. Accessing the app and consuming some of the Internet’s best images is simple through integrated Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Yahoo, or Imgur sign-in options.

What did we do?

Imgur had already developed an existing Android app and sought design and development insight into creating a native iOS app. Two Toasters’ design and development teams worked closely with Imgur to help define the initial design, then provided feedback and counsel as we collaborated and iterated on it based on user feedback. Throughout this process Imgur benefitted from our expertise in mobile development and UX to develop key features of the app, including initial versions of the main galleries, custom animations, and transitions as users move through the app. Throughout the project, our developers and designers worked in tandem with Imgur’s growing internal team of developers to iterate and adjust as requirements changed to expedite delivery of the final product.

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