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Introducing Simple for AndroidBy Sara Sundqvist | January 15, 2013 | Ideas

  • Two Toasters
    is excited to announce the release of the Simple banking app for Android.  We’ve had a great, collaborative working partnership with the Simple team and we’re both extremely proud of the finished product.

    How It Was Built

    Simple already had a successful iOS app in the App Store when they came to us, but they wanted to work collaboratively to transfer that success to the Android platform. Bringing a fresh, outside perspective, Two Toasters worked in partnership with the Simple team in identifying and implementing those features that make the iOS app successful while redesigning other features to function more effectively on the Android app. Working together over the course of 3 months, we partnered on everything from the UX and design, to development with Simple’s Android & mobile team. Since Simple has a strong brand, we drew heavily on their design guidelines. The resulting product is a sleek Android app capable of handling banking interactions in an intuitive manner.

    Features We Love

    Safe-to-Spend™ Balance

    An important feature of the Simple app is the ability to view transactions and balances easily and quickly. The Safe-to-Spend™ balance reflects the amount of money not required for payments, pending transactions, or goals. By placing the Safe-to-Spend™ amount at the top of each screen users are aware of their disposable money.


    Map of Transactions and ATM Finder

    Another integral part of the Simple app is the map-view feature. Simple app users can visualize where transactions have occurred. Mapped transactions coupled with the ATM finder enable effortless mobile banking.


    App Design That Makes it Simple

    Two Toasters and Simple put their heads together to determine how navigation and user experience could better suit the needs of Simple Android users both aesthetically and functionally. Below are a few examples of the behind the scene details that make the app easy and comfortable to use.


    A Flatter More Simple Android Design



    A Double Scrollable List for Selecting the Category Tag


    Sidebar Navigation for Easily Accessing Features

    A Toast to a Great App for the New Year

    All in all, we’re delighted by the Simple Android app. The Simple team is truly doing some amazing things and we’re glad to play a part in helping provide a sophisticated mobile experience for their Android customers. We’re looking forward to seeing the Simple team iterate on this product and shape their mobile initiatives in the coming months.

    Thanks for dropping by to learn about our newest released collaboration with the Simple team.  If you’re interested in downloading the app hop on over to Google Play. Also check out our Simple project page and Simple’s blog post announcement.

    About Simple

    Simple’s mission is to “provide a worry-free solution to traditional banking.”  Unlike other banks, Simple’s mobile applications are a central component of their product strategy. In fact, the apps are required to open an account. Throughout their products, whether on the web or on mobile, Simple has a commitment to security and customer service delivered through clean, intuitive experiences. It’s that dedication to quality service and design that has led to Simple being featured in numerous publications including ForbesThe Washington PostThe New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and TechCrunch.

    Simple Screenshot

    About Two Toasters

    Two Toasters is a critically acclaimed mobile product development firm which designs and develops iOS and Android applications for partner companies. We provide end-to-end mobile product assistance, including strategy, usability testing, design, user experience,development, and quality assurance testing.
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