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Find and shop unique indie fashion.


ModCloth is an e-tailer of vintage-inspired fashion and decor. They focus on the use of groundbreaking technology and a user-empowering platform to redefine the face of social commerce. The addition of an Android app furthers their connection with their customers and creates a great shopping and browsing experience for Android phone and tablet users. From the app, ModCloth shoppers can search for items, browse collections, and read reviews or easily purchase their favorite items.


What did we do?

As a core part of their brand, ModCloth emphasizes browsing before searching. Therefore, it was important that the app follow this same goal for user experience. Because the navigation drawer library from Google doesn’t support nesting categories deeper than one level, we had to find a way to visually show a browser’s position in the category tree without the drawer feeling cluttered. Our efforts resulted in the implementation of custom reductive navigation. In addition to reductive navigation, we incorporated product carousels on numerous screens that let customers easily scroll through and browse items. For more information about the app check out our blog post.