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Android Mapping and Animations Libraries to Give Your App a Boost



At Two Toasters we are focused on creating market leading apps for our clients. With this focus in mind, we  are also committed to creating tools that both speed up the development process and set our apps apart from competition. Over the past few months our Android developers have been working on a handful of open-source projects to help further the Android community in making smoother, more enjoyable apps.


Created by one of our Senior Android Developers, James Barr, JazzyListView is a library of animations for listviews. Using the library, developers can pick from 15 preinstalled animations or add in their own. Given the number of apps utilizing listviews James wanted to provide code for a set of eye catching animations to maximize what can be done on Android. All animations were inspired from a project for website animation called stroll.js.  The JazzyListView repository can be found at:



Clusterkraf is a clustering library for the Google Maps API v2 for Android created by Carlton Whitehead. It clusters points based on their proximity on screen, and offers developers a variety of settings to easily customize its behavior. The Clusterkraf repository can be found on GitHub via this link: .



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