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Room 77

Book the kind of room you want.


The Room 77 app  collects the best deals from major travel agencies and websites as well as exclusive insider tips to empower users to make the best booking decisions on the go. Easy to use filters sort results based on a wide array of criteria such as price, star rating, and amenities. Many hotel listings come with reviews of individual rooms, with insider information on noise and view. Full of features, Room77,  is the go to application when booking a hotel room.

What did we do?

The Room 77 application required many delicate complexities to deliver a complete and  feature rich hotel search engine app. Two Toasters delivered by building an app with real-time multiple source search, sidebar navigation, and a powerful search filter all backed by a slick custom user interface. The app is integrated with complex API interaction, and thus has the ability to handle a very large data set.

“Two Toasters’ depth of experience and level of detail, and general expertise in mobile really helped us make sure that our apps were on par with other apps on the market.” – Riva Bakal