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We are now Ticketmaster Mobile Studio. Learn more about our direction and how you can join our amazing team.

At Two Toasters, we strategize, design, and develop native iOS and Android mobile applications that are engaging, user-centric, and robust extensions of your brand. We take a holistic approach to creating new apps, combining thoughtful product strategy, smart design, and solid technical architecture. Craftsmanship is our source of pride throughout.


Developing a mobile application is a serious, long-term commitment. Too many apps in the market today have emerged in a vacuum and are built without empathy for users and an understanding of how to generate value. During Discovery, our design and development teams will conduct research into your existing products, customers, and the competitive landscape. We interview your users and various stakeholders to gain insight into user motivations and deepen our understanding of your product strategies. During an onsite session with your stakeholders, we engage in collaborative ideation sessions to clarify goals for your app and uncover opportunities for your mobile apps to engage and delight users. After our discovery sessions, we map out the user experience of the app and define a detailed scope for getting to market.

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Taking what is generated from discovery, our seasoned team of designers will produce a comprehensive set of designs that are aesthetically stunning and functionally sensible. In conjunction with our development team, we plan out design in two-week sprints to efficiently organize output and set clear expectations for deliverables. We collaborate closely with the development team to create experiences that are mindful of best practices for common design problems and considerate of platform idioms. By walking through designs and animation prototypes as they are created we ensure that you are part of the design process and that the app is not only part of your brand, but also builds on it.

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Our in-house team of software developers will tackle all aspects of your application’s implementation on mobile. We use a modified version of Agile methodology with development planned around two-week sprints. Throughout the project, constant communication through daily standups, sprint plans, and ad hoc conversation creates transparency. Using this system ensures that we deliver apps with a solid technical architecture and no surprises during the process.

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App Release Strategy

When development is finished, we prep your app for release based on our 40+ past release experiences. We provide our clients with best practices for gaining visibility in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Our apps have been featured over 400 times, and Google has used our Android apps as benchmarks to show other companies how to design apps.

After an app is in the hands of users, we work with you to improve the app based on user feedback. Using your analytics, we can fine-tune your app to the realities of the market.

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We've been developing apps since the App Store’s 2008 opening. As seasoned mobile app creators, we want to continually enhance and share our knowledge. We can work with your internal teams to provide technical training and ensure a seamless handoff of your app.

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