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Banking on Android made Simple


Simple offers an intuitive financial alternative to traditional banking complete with tools that make banking from anywhere worry-free.  Following in the footsteps of its well received iOS counterpart, the Android Simple app provides a better interface for banking than other available options. Easily check your Simple checking and saving account transactions or deposit a check remotely using the newly added check scanning feature.  Unlike apps made as an afterthought for customers, mobile apps are a forethought and main focus of Simple’s mission to revolutionize the way we bank electronically. Separating them from traditional banking apps are their unique features like categorization of purchases using tags, visualization of purchases on a map, and the setting of goals that help users automatically save a percentage of deposits to a special saving account. These features coupled with a highly accessible customer service makes Simple for Android truly outstanding.

What did we do?

Keeping with the functionality of the iOS app, Simple and Two Toasters rethought the way the navigation and certain key features could be more idiomatic for Android end users. Together we did so by identifying the functionalities and actions we found most useful in the iOS app and eliminating or changing the ones that added little value or negated the app’s goal of simplicity.  This included implementing a scrollable double list making it less daunting for users to drill down to the specific tag needed for their transactions. We also rethought the navigation to follow natural Android instincts and support all features inherent to the Simple app by using sidebar navigation.