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The best deals on boutique hotels.


The Stayful app is designed to help users find and stay at independent, boutique hotels and, through a unique bidding system, get a rate that can be much lower than published prices. Covering 24 popular North American destinations including San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Seattle, the Stayful app is for people who are looking for a more independent travel experience. The app also includes Apple Pay integration, offering an additional payment option for savvy travelers.

What did we do?

Stayful wanted to build a fully native iOS app and selected Two Toasters for an innovative and user-empathetic design. During the discovery process we collaborated with Stayful’s internal team to identify a product strategy for the app. During the design stage, we architected the entire user experience, iterated on design, and prototyped custom animations for the app. In order to transition the project to development, we created detailed layout specifications and animations as blueprints for implementation. We continue to remain engaged in providing strategic and user experience guidance to the Stayful team.

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